Idaho Fish and Game may curb hunting in burned areas

Wildlife took a beating in the Murphy Complex and other rangefires. The article says it may take 30 years to restore the sage grouse habitat. Giving the increasing incidence or rangefires, however, it is hard to imagine 30 years will pass before it burns again.

Unlike forest fires the flames moved so fast that a number of elk, deer and even antelope might have perished when they could not escape. Story in the Times News. Fish and Game may curb hunting in burned areas. By Matt Christensen
Times-News writer.

Note that the Murphy Complex is now about contained at just short of 700,000 acres

2 Responses to “Idaho Fish and Game may curb hunting in burned areas”

  1. patrick ewing Says:

    I want a map that shows the burn distruction for the Warren area and east over to pilot peak . I need to know if i can go in these woods patt VON srtitten

  2. Ralph Maughan Says:

    I was over there 7 days ago and they really had all the roads into that general areas closed, usually with serious barricades.

    Hope to stand corrected, but I doubt it.

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