31 “before and after” livestock grazing photos

The photos (from Western Watersheds project).

2 Responses to “31 “before and after” livestock grazing photos”

  1. entropy hed Says:

    A couple of thoughts…

    I’m not saying that grazing doesn’t affect the condition of the locations in these photos, I’m certain it does. Possibly dramatically, but I’d be interested to see two variations of these photos. A meadow in the same area on the same dates with no grazing so I can see the natural changes in the vegetation across the seasons, and/or the same location taken on the same date the following year to see how much year over year damage has been done. Otherwise I think what could be dramatic evidence of a problem can be easily dismissed as normal seasonal changes.

    I’m not familiar with these areas (although I have spent some time in the Eastern Sierra) and this is just the first thought I had when viewing the pictures and noticing the dates. I am not an expert by any account, just an interested troll =)

    Good luck with your work.

  2. Ralph Maughan Says:

    I was thinking of that too — from spring to autumn on a stream ungrazed by livestock.

    I will suggest that to Western Watersheds.


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