Good News! Judge Rejects Utah Counties’ Road Claims in National Monument

Despite a potential setback on wolves, there is good news for those who don’t want to see totally unregulated use of vehicles in the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument.

Judge Rejects Utah Counties’ Road Claims in National Monument. ENS

Editorial. Salt Lake Tribune. One road at a time: Ruling should help protect public lands from ATVs. Tribune Editorial

2 Responses to “Good News! Judge Rejects Utah Counties’ Road Claims in National Monument”

  1. Mike Wolf Says:

    Well hurray for some good news, finally!

    Hopefully this sets a precident.

    Did you see the news about the impeachment poll? Most Americans favor it.

    I guess that gives you a really good indication that our representatives don’t really represent us; since Congress isn’t impeaching.

  2. skyrim Says:

    This American favors it. Air America Radio was talking about rallies throughout the country this weekend demanding it. I hope it gets some media attention. I don’t know (exactly) how folks living under other historical dictators felt, but I’m sure beginning too…..

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