Oregon: Man stumbles upon bears killed during tree damage season

There is an emerging controversy in Oregon. Hundreds of bears are killed each year for the timber industry because some bears damage trees.

A man stumbled upon what they had been hiding. Man stumbles upon bears killed during tree damage season. KGW.com

. . . and the followup

Oregon to bury remains of bears killed for damaging trees. AP. It looks like the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has a stupid public relations person. The department said they will see that the bears are buried, but the department expresses concern for the poor coyotes and buzzards who won’t have the bear carrion to feed on. . . gag me.

More from Goat, blog of the High Country News. Kill a bear, save a … pine tree??

The right thing to do is not to give the timber industry a free ride on this. They should develop methods of deterring the tree damage. Because it appears this bear behavior is learned, they should hire researchers to develop methods of non-lethally stopping this behavior.

It is so typical of livestock and timber to just shoot whatever gets in the way of their corporate profits.

Update 6/21. There is an article about the killing of bears to appease the timber industry at the Daily Kos. “Green” Oregon’s Timber Industry Slaughters Bears Cubs. By Nulwee

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  1. Robert Hoskins Says:

    And some people look askance at the Buffalo Field Campaign for pointing out the same thing–ag kills whatever gets in its way– with the abuse of the buffalo in and out of Yellowstone National Park.

  2. Oregon predators still under the gun « Upstream in Oregon Says:

    […] in Oregon feels the same way. A couple of blogs have pointed out that timber companies are slaughtering tree-scratching black bears and piling them up in a convenient ditch. Another pointed to a news story about Portland pigeon […]

  3. nosmokes Says:

    I find this pretty appalling, that we legally allow private timber holders to trap and hunt out of season black bears regardless of age and sex to protect a commodity that we already subsidise out the wahoo.

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