Terry, Montana man admits wildlife conspiracy

Here is another case a lot like the Nevada bobcat case, although it involves animals valued much more highly by the authorities.

Terry man admits wildlife conspiracy. By Clair Johnson. Billings Gazette.

In both cases a major factor was violation of the Lacey Act, a federal law that backs up state laws regarding the illegal transport of wildlife across state boundaries.

2 Responses to “Terry, Montana man admits wildlife conspiracy”

  1. JEFF E Says:

    Just came across this story on MSNBC about poaching. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20196691/
    what was particularly interesting to me was the part about how that puke, Sundles was busted using DNA evidence.
    Also I was in Cabela’s sporting goods store recently and see that they carry ammunition made by Sundles. I would encourage everyone to contact that store and let them know about Sundles and ask that they remove his product from there shelves.

  2. JEFF E Says:

    The name of that ammunition is” Buffalo Bore Ammunition”

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