Idaho wolf gets free lunch at elk farm

Rocky Barker reports in his blog that an Idaho wolf entered one of those controversial elk farms in Idaho and killed an elk. Folks may be surprised, but in the case of the elk farm the onus is on the elk farmer, not the wolf.

The elk farmers are supposed to keep wildlife from leaving or entering their “farms,” but, of course, they are hardly secure as this free lunch for the wolf once again shows.

The recent Idaho Legislature refused to enact legislation to make these operations secure or to stop what many think is the odious practice of shooting elk in a pen.

Barker’s blog.

First forest fire of the season in Wyoming begins in Grand Teton NP

A lightning strike began the first forest fire of the season in Wyoming.

Wildfire season starts early for Grand Teton. Jackson Hole News and Guide. By Corey Hatch.

It should add that the last several days have provided substantial rain in Eastern Idaho and much of Montana, but overall the area remains far below normal precipitation and the heavy fuels (those that sustain forest fires, rather than range fires) are very dry.