‘We have to develop’

A short AP piece published in the Casper StarTribune – ‘We have to develop’ – outlines how Kathleen Clarke’s potential replacement as head of BLM, Jim Caswell, sees your public lands as a sea of untapped resources ready for the taking !

“We just have to develop the resources that we have,” Caswell told The Associated Press during an interview from his office Friday. “You can’t just write this stuff off. It’s a terribly important activity for the good of the country.

Fortunately, Caswell’s appointment requires the approval of the Senate – an opportunity/forum to critically evaluate and elevate this administration’s conservation record – if taken.

I will publish a list/link of Senate votes on this confirmation when they become available.

Things to Think About :

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Censorship and Cop Brutality in the New Bison Wars

Eric Stewart of BFC has published an article in CounterPunch:

Notes of a Buffalo Campaigner
Censorship and Cop Brutality in the New Bison Wars
By Eric Stewart

It is certainly worth a read and may shed light on what BFC activists perceive coming from agencies.

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