Far-reaching roadless legislation introduced in Congress.

Far-reaching roadless legislation introduced in Congress. By Jason Kaufmann. Idaho Mountain Express.

The bill, which affects the entire United States, not just Idaho, would make President Clinton’s roadless area protection rule into law, thus voiding President Bush’s weaker protection of roadless areas administrative action. The bill would not change the current use or non-use of these roadless areas by off-road vehicles.

There are many other stories about this.

The best web site for detailed information about this and other roadless area issues is The Heritage Forests Campaign

Renewed hazing of bison produces results

There is good news! The public protest got all the way to the Secretary of Interior, and it’s clear the governor’s office got plenty involved too.

Story in the Billings Gazette. Renewed hazing of bison produces results. By Jim Gransbery.

The Buffalo Field Campaign has its news release.

Dear Buffalo Friends,
This afternoon, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and Yellowstone National Park held a joint press conference in Helena, Montana, to announce that they WILL NOT SLAUGHTER any wild buffalo that remain in Montana come Monday! All those buffalo babies, their moms, and their families will live on!

This is a major victory for wild buffalo and their advocates worldwide! THANK YOU!

While the larger issue is far from being resolved, we should all take a deep breath and give thanks for this incredible news that we all helped make happen. The power, prayers, energy, spirit, love, and ACTION of all the people who care about the buffalo made this happen!
Here are the buffalo you helped save: http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/media/photos/bisonphotos0607maycalves.html

The word from Montana and Yellowstone is this: any wild buffalo found in Montana come Monday would be transported (captured and hauled in trailers) into Yellowstone National Park. They would be taken north, to Stephens Creek, and let go. This transport could be very hard on the buffalo, especially the small calves, so we are hopeful that it will not have to occur at all. Read the rest of this entry »

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