More scary stuff from Bush Administration. EPA destroys its scientific library

This is a piece from Writers on the Range. Why would a federal agency trash its libraries? Jeff Ruch. The Bush Administration calls it “de-accessioning” their library.

There have been a lot of stories about this action. This is the first posting I have made.

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4 Responses to “More scary stuff from Bush Administration. EPA destroys its scientific library”

  1. Mike Wolf Says:

    Well this is just great. Yet another way the Bush administration and Replublican Congress have f*ed me over, DIRECTLY!

    I was exposed to lead in a fire at a house I rented. I’m currently suing (on my own) the landlord, as I appear to have suffered brain damage resulting in severe cognitive losses.

    The closure of these libraries means I’m going to have a hell of a time trying to get information as admissable evidence for the lawsuit.

    Thanks a lot Bush. Don’t EVER let me catch you on the street; I’ll give you a thorough cussing out.

  2. mikarooni Says:

    I guess that it might be time to rent and rewatch “Fahrenheit 451.”

  3. heavenabove Says:

    This is just absurd! I woonder what these guys are up to that we do not know about. This administration will be the ruin of our nation-certainly all its environmental progress. This is beyong disturbing but yet Bush stays in office!

  4. Monty Says:

    Sounds like al-Qa’ida in Afghanistan in 2001 when they destroyed ancient statues.

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