Luthi removes self from wolf issue

Here’s a hoot from the Billings Gazette:

Randall Luthi, a former Wyoming state House speaker who was recently appointed to the No. 2 spot at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, said he will not be involved in the dispute between Wyoming and the federal agency over wolves.

Luthi is barred from involvement with the wolf issue in Wyoming as a result of Federal conflict of interest law – then, as Number 2 at USFWS, he says:

Republicans should do all they can to prevent animals from being listed as endangered, because once they are, it is hard to get them delisted, he said. Listing animals as endangered is the “death nail,” he added.

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Michigan men sentenced for killing wolves

The Mining Gazette out of Michingan tells of two men who get two sentences for killing wolves in Michigan. Both wolves were killed on the same day in different places. The two thousand and a bit of probation seems light to me, especially given their listed status –

Men sentenced for killing wolves
Mining Gazette

N. Arizona off-roaders fear near ban

ATV riders in northern Arizona’s Coconino NF are looking at a ban on off-roading as the scars of their less responsible take a toll on the land.

N. Ariz. off-roaders fear a near-ban
Published: Arizona Daily Star

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Freudenthal kills proposed water rules

The Governor of Wyoming killed water regulations passed by a citizen board aimed at curtailing negative effects of coalbed methane water surges in the state. The board insisted the the methane-water increase in quanitity not implicate the quality of the water. Freudenthal claims the board over-reached. Some folks get upset when judges legislate, how about when politicians prematurely adjudicate?

Governor kills proposed water rules
Published : Billings Gazette

CHEYENNE – Gov. Dave Freudenthal on Monday rejected rule changes adopted by a state citizen board that would have regulated effects of coalbed methane water on soil, vegetation and landowners.

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