Playing Politics with Endangered Species: Beginning of the End for the Yellowstone Grizzly?

Essay by Doug Peacock in Counterpunch.

To most Doug Peacock needs no introduction.

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600 people show for Cody’s delisting hearing.

The largest of any of the wolf delisting hearings was held in Cody, Wyoming on Thursday. The Billings Gazette said 600 people were there.

Although anti-wolf folks were the majority, I’m proud of those who spoke for reasonable wolf management. It took guts to go to and speak in a meeting carefully crafted by Wyoming politicians to showcase anti-wolf sentiment, especially because those who spoke against the anti-wolf plan were harassed by the audience, and the local politicians did nothing to keep order or the democratic process. In fact they forced the hearing officer to continue the hearing, although she wanted to close it down due to the impossibility of the situation.

Story. Cody hearing on delisting draws passionate views. By Ruffin Prevost. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau

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Kathie Lynch’s detailed report on Yellowstone northern range happenings, April 7-15, 2007

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When I posted my short update on what had been happening on the Northern Range yesterday, I didn’t know that Kathie Lynch was about to send a report. It follows, and answers some of the detailed questions people had.

Thanks for another excellent report, Kathie.

YNP WOLF field notes, April 7-15, 2007:

My spring break trip to Yellowstone, April 7-15, 2007, started off with a bang when I stumbled upon the entire Hayden Valley wolf pack only 10 minutes after entering the Park and near the road, right in Mammoth Hot Springs! To say that I never expected a sight like that would be putting it mildly! Many of you know that it took me over a year and 16 long trips all the way down to the Hayden Valley before I finally succeeded in seeing the famous white alpha female, 540F. And now, unbelievably, she had come to see me!

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