Step It Up Climate Action Day was a big success

I went to Pocatello’s. There were 150 to 200 people, a big crowd for the “Gate City.” I can assure folks that a lot of new conservation networks were formed.

National reports.

Rally for the Earth: Missoula’s Step It Up demonstration urges action against global warming. Bt Tyler Christenson. The Missoulian


A great afternoon with speeches, music, and lots of food and drink at Pocatello, Idaho

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BFC says Montana DOLs bison hazing threatens motorists

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It should be obvious that harassed bison running out of the lodgepole pine forest across US 191, where most vehicles travel at least 60 mph, is very dangerous.

Montana DOL is going to get someone killed. When that tragedy happens, maybe the multi-million dollar lawsuit will make the Department of Livestock change their ways.

Here is a news release from the Buffalo Field Campaign on this issue which has become very immediate with DOL’s recent hazing of 500 bison back into Yellowstone Park.

Here is BFC’s news release

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Idaho Man who survived mauling by grizzly recounts ordeal (with April 15 update)

Man who survived mauling by grizzly recounts ordeal. Despite the brutality of the attack, Timothy Henderson says he doesn’t blame the bear. By Rocky Barker – Idaho Statesman

This story gives us valuable information about what happened. The man who was mauled is a good guy and the newspaper tells how you can help him and his family.

Idaho Fish and Game efforts to trip the grizzly bear have not been successful, and many hope they won’t be.
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Update late on April 14: The grizzly bear has been killed. Scott MacButch tells the story. He was there. He also clears up a lot of other information about the area where this happened which has not been made clear by the media. Scott sent this as a comment. I moved it to part of the post. It follows:

This morning around 07:30 am the Grizzly that was involved in the recent mauling was killed by Idaho Fish & Game. It had been caught in a leg snare during the night and was bellowing most of the night, as my cabin is right next to where it was caught. When the Id Fish & Game arrived (along with the Sheriff & deputy) I expressed my hope that it could live and wished that it would have left. Do note that even Tim, the guy that got mauled wished it no harm, but they told me the decision had been made, that there was a remote chance that it might have rabies and that tests would be performed on the tissue. The bear was 350-400 lbs and it took 5 of us using all our strength using a sled to haul it up the wooded hill on the back of my property. Read the rest of this entry »

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