Deadline today for comments on 4000 new gas wells on the Pinedale, WY anticline

It’s kind of sadly amusing that the article says “Today is the last chance for people to comment on a proposal for the Pinedale Anticline that would add up to 4,400 new wells in a part of Sublette County that biologists say is crucial habitat for pronghorn, sage grouse and mule deer.” [boldface mine]

As though there was a real mystery as whether this is crucial to pronghorn, sage grouse and mule deer, and it takes a biologist to figure it out.

Story in the Jackson Hole News and Guide. By Cory Hatch.

Feds eliminate wolves that killed cattle

This is a run-of-the-mill story about wolf control in the Big Hole Valley of Montana. About 90% of the incidents like this get no media attention. The interesting question is why do some get a news story, especially now 12 years after wolf reintroduction, when there is little news in such news?

Generic wolf control story from Montana. Associated Press.

Related update. Here is a similar story, but one that is a lot more troublesome. “Idaho wolf conflicts rise.Casper Star Tribune.

The essence is this story is that about 3 weeks ago a wolf was harassing cattle near Picabo, Idaho (the town is not mentioned in story). As is accorded by law, a rancher shot the wolf. Later, 2 more wolves harassed his cattle and on March 27 a calf was found dead (calves are very small this time of year, and Defenders of Wildlife will pay the fall value of the calf — a big profit for him). Now Wildlife Services is trying to find and kill the 2 other wolves.

There is no information in the story at all that wolf conflicts are rising in Idaho. This is one farm. How can you generalize from one farm to a statewide trend? You can’t.

This sloppy headline writer, is the kind of person who creates misinformation in the public about wolves and misinformation about many other subjects when headline doesn’t match the story.