Three groups ask judge to kill Alaska governor’s new bounty on wolves

Alaska’s offer of $150 for each wolf killed under its predator control program is nothing more than an illegal bounty and should be stopped immediately, conservation groups said Tuesday in court filings. Full story in the Casper Star Tribune. By Mary Pemberton. AP

Alaska’s new governor wants a lot more wolves killed than were killed this winter, so she has implemented $150 for each wolf killed as an “incentive.” The Alaska state legislature revoked all bounties in the state a number of years ago. The groups say calling a bounty “an incentive” doesn’t mean it isn’t a bounty. It seems like the groups are easily correct.

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  1. Gigi Halloran Says:

    I’m not sure who will be reading this comment–hopefully someone in Alaska who matters. Wolves are intelligent, majestic animals who should be preserved, not killed, especially with the incentive a bounty. Please stop this despicable practice as soon as possible.

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