Sweetheart deal in Washington State will dump cattle on criticial state ungrazed wildlife area

The Western Watersheds Project blog tells the story. Folks in Washington State might want to contact the governor and ask her what she could possibly thinking of, or what kind of deal went down?

Story at WWP blog 

‘Ethanol Binge’ Hikes Corn Prices

Demand for corn to make ethanol has now doubled corn prices in the U.S.

“The diversion of corn to fuel ethanol uses “is creating unintended consequences throughout the global food chain,” a Bloomberg analysis finds – not to mention increased use of pesticides and fossil fuels to grow all that corn. Meanwhile, the U.S. Congress has slapped a 54-cents-per-gallon tarrif on ethanol from Brazil – which is grown from sugarcane.”

Read the rest about this silliness in New West.

500 freeloaders attend Cody meeting on Sylvan Pass

Economic interests in Cody will not be denied continued access across Sylvan Pass in the winter, where Park Service employees risk their lives and waste your tax money for the benefit of a few who cross the pass in snowmobles. The cost per snowmobile is huge — many times the entrance fee.

They are getting well organized and will probably win. It’s almost an axiom in politics that well organized small interest groups with narrow objective defeat the unorganized public interest. Read Mancur Olson’s book. “The politics of collective action” for an explanation of this phenomenon.

Here is the story. 500 attend Cody forum on Sylvan Pass proposals. By Ruffin Prevost. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau.

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Groups aim to block grizzly delisting

This is from the Casper Star Tribune. By Brodie Farquhar.

It is important to note that so far all we have seen is the government’s news release. The actual delisting rule has not yet been published in the Federal Register.