Bush appointees “watered down” Greenhouse Science

The Bush administration ran a systematic campaign to play down the dangers of climate change, demanding hundreds of politically motivated changes to scientific reports and muzzling a pre-eminent expert on global warming, Congress was told yesterday.

Read the rest in The Guardian. March 20. “Bush Appointees ‘watered down’ Greenhouse Science.” By Suzanne Goldenberg and James Randerson.

Once again, another great expose’ by the new Congress.

Blue Ribbon Coalition Action Alert. Bridger-Teton NF and Boise NF

The Blue Ribbon Coalition is not one of my favorite groups because of their uncompromising stance in favor of recreational motor vehicles. They also try to get me fired every so often.

I do get their alerts to their members, however. Here is one very relevant to those who care about the Bridger-Teton National Forest, and another for the Boise National Forest. Do as they say, or more likely do just the opposite. Ralph Maughan

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Dear BRC Action Alert Subscriber,

Attention Western Wyoming and Eastern Idaho recreationists!

The Bridger-Teton National Forest is working on their new travel plan and as part of that process they will be hosting three OHV Workshops asking the public to assist with development of alternatives to the current Proposal for a Designated Motorized Road and Trail system. A schedule of these meetings is listed below. The proposed system is available for public review on the forest’s website at http://www.fs.fed.us/r4/btnf/projects/travelrevision/proposal/proposal.shtml

The schedule and location of the OHV Workshops: Read the rest of this entry »

Buffalo Field Campaign to Testify Tuesday Before House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands

Here is the Buffalo Field Campaign’s news release on the big congressional hearings on Yellowstone bison management to be held Tuesday, March. 20.

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For immediate release, Monday, March 19, 2007
Contact: Mike Mease 406-646-0070 or Stephany Seay 406-848-2130

WASHINGTON, D.C. On Tuesday, at the request of the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands, Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) representatives will testify before Congress on the status of Yellowstone’s wild bison.

The hearing is scheduled for 10 AM, Tuesday, March 20 and can be viewed live at: http://resourcescommittee.house.gov/hearings/hearingdetail.aspx?NewsID=36.

BFC will demonstrate that the Interagency Bison Management Plan (IBMP) is failing the United State’s last population of wild bison, which currently numbers fewer than 3,600 animals. The IBMP, signed in 2000, is a state-federal agency plan responsible for the harassment, capture, slaughter and quarantine of wild Yellowstone bison. Read the rest of this entry »

WY Game and Fish says far too many elk in herd just SW of Jackson

Here’s another elk herd in wolf country that is deemed too populous — Wyoming’s Fall Creek herd (just south and SW of Jackson)

On the other hand, there are too few mule deer in the Wyoming Range, especially the buck to doe ratio. Wolves are not tolerated in the Wyoming Range (too far south WY says).

The number of moose in the Teton Wilderness has made a comeback since a three-year closure of three hunting areas in the Wilderness was implemented. There are lots of wolves in this huge Wilderness along the south boundary of Yellowstone Park.

The point is, once again, there are many deer and elk herds inside and outside wolf country in addition to the Northern Range Yellowstone elk herd, which anti-wolf folks always point to with alarm. Hunting rules and the quality of the ungulates’ range are the major factors in the how the elk and deer are doing in terms of population.

Story- State to target Fall Creek elk herd. By Angus M. Thuermer Jr., Jackson Hole News and Guide.

Deal on migrating Yellowstone bison close. Park herd would have safe passage through CUT ranch

My, but the bison hearing set in Washington for tomorrow is already having positive results in Montana. What a different a change in the control of a congressional committee can make! Is a bison solution finally in sight after 13 years of slaughter and confinement to the Park?
Story- Deal on bison travel close. Park herd would have safe passage through CUT [Church Universal and Triumphant] ranch. By Matthew Brown. AP. Billings Gazette.