Otter halts IDFG deer kill on Jones’ elk ranch

Here’s an ironic one from Wild Idaho News – 

Otter halts IDFG deer kill on Jones’ elk ranch

Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter on Thursday questioned the Idaho Department of Fish and Game practice of euthanizing wild game that has come into contact with domestic elk, halting an operation on an elk ranch near Blackfoot.

“After reviewing the situation on Thursday the governor directed that all options short of lethal control be considered carefully before any animals are killed,” Otter spokesman Mark Warbis said. “His preference is to explore every other option that preserves the wildlife.”   [more…]

Scientists’ take on Wyoming Elk Feedlot – Wolf Scare

Perhaps many of you have heard of the WGFDs quick fire-off of the news release below last week.  The argument is that wolves are pushing/disrupting elk off of Wyoming’s large elk feedlots, brought about to entice elk away from cattle in an effort to prevent the spread of Brucellosis from elk to cattle.  We’ve seen Montana use Brucellosis to slaughter and haze buffalo, we’re seeing Wyoming use it to “manage” elk in high-density feed-camps and now we’re seeing it extended to justify inflated antagonism toward wolves.  

The Jackson-Hole News&Guide’s Cory Hatch wrote an article entitled State: Wolves disrupt elk feeding areas on March 7 which includes some biologists’ take on the matter.    

Alliance presents flawed interpretation

This article appeared in The Idaho Statesman March 3. 

by Rabbi Dan Fink  (rabbi for the Ahavath Beth Israel congregation)
   What does the Bible say about how to manage our state’s wolf population?  A recent Statesman article presented the perspective of the Idaho Values Alliance.  The group’s position is based on several verses from the book of Leviticus, in which God proclaims:  “If you follow my decrees, I will remove savage beasts from the land.  But if you do not listen to me, I will send wild animals against you.”  According to the IVA, this passage provides a scriptural mandate to hunt and destroy wolf packs.
   There are, however, several flaws in their interpretation.[…] Read on…


There’s been a lot of talk about ethanol as an alternative to petrol consumption – especially with the President taking some licks from Hugo down South this week.   The Idaho State Journal has an interesting article on biodiesel today, another alternative which seems promising.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m a fervent advocate of conservation first and foremost…

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As of today, western Great Lakes gray wolves no longer protected by feds

As of today, [western Great Lakes] gray wolves no longer protected by feds

“Lovvorn concedes that there is no longer the kind of anti-wolf sentiment that existed in the decades leading up to the animal’s placement on the endangered list.”

Perhaps some folks on this side of the country might take a hint?