IDFG Wolf Management Powerpoint

Here we have the slides from an IDFG  powerpoint presentation given by Steve Nadeau – IDFG’s large carnivore manager.  The presentation lays out data regarding wolf numbers, distribution throughout the state, and some basic tidbits which may help to better understand how Idaho intends to manage wolves. The presentation illustrates the intention to split up the state into management ‘Zones’ based on biological and ‘sociological’ concerns which will justify the establishment of “No Tolerance” zones. 

“Adaptive Management”, a technique we’ve seen to a larger degree with federal agencies – used to fuzzy the definitive lines of legal mandate, will be used to employ “focused aggressive but overall conservative” management of wolves.  Trapping will be used if needed to meet harvest objectives. 

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Close Call For Alaska’s Famous Bears

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Global warming and SE Idaho

The local paper had a big feature on the global warming issue today. The headline is a bit misleading. The article is an overview. It begins with the global-warming organization, I CAN, which evolved from a Bible study.

Group fights global warming. By John O’ Connell. Idaho State University.

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Salt Lake Tribune says wolf delisting premature

Editorial. Top predator, Wolf delisting in West is premature. The Salt Lake Tribune. March 10, 2007