Mark Rey, Public Lands Enemy No. 1?

Bill Schneider asks if Mark Rey, Undersecretary of Agriculture for Natural Resources & Environment (he rules over the Forest Service, and the chief forester has no choice but to be his lackey) is the member of government hardest on public lands now that Richard Pombo, ex-chair of the House Resources Committee, was put out to pasture by his constituents. Pombo is now a lobbyist.
Mark Rey does Bush’s dirty work on our National Forests. [link fixed] By Bill Schneider. New West.

Related, March 1. An Open Letter to all Americans who wish to Contribute to keeping America’s Public Lands Administered by the Forest Service … Wild and Undeveloped.

Wolf advocates dominate first delisting hearing

The first public hearing on the delisting of the wolves in the Northern Rockies was held Feb . 27 in Cheyenne, and it was dominated by people who oppose delisting. This was the only Wyoming hearing planned, but a second hearing at Cody was recently announced under pressure from Wyoming’s lone US Representative Barbara Cubin, well known for anti-conservation views and ties to the oil industry. The date, place and time of the Cody hearing are so far being kept secret, leading to speculation that it will be a stacked hearing, with the details kept secret for as long a possible to make sure only anti-wolf voice is heard.

Story on the Cheyenne hearing. Billings Gazette. AP

Here is the story in the Casper Star Tribune. Wolf supporters show up in force. By Kathleen Miller.

Addition, March 1. Although I can’t find a media story, wolf supporters also had the large majority last night at the delisting hearing in Salt Lake City, Utah

Important note. Comments on delisting have just been extended to May 9.

Yet another removal order issued for a rare Mexican wolf

Coyotes at Chicago’s O’Hare cause delays

This story is from USA Today. It’s a bit humorous in a way, despite the obvious danger. This most persecuted canid has truly conquered North America.

Coyotes at Chicago’s O’Hare cause delays.  By Judy Keen.

One person quoted in the article says the coyotes are venturing closer and closer to cities. That’s wrong. They live in the cities and have for years now.

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