The tyranny of the motor minority

This editorial appeared in the Bozeman Chronicle.  The Gallatin National Forest has been working on a new Gallation forest travel plan for years now.  There are an incredible number of interests to satisfy, but the minority who seem to have lost use of their legs, but not their mouths, has bullied its way against the 90% or so who like to see some restraint.

The tyranny of the motor minority. From the Greater Yellowstone Coalition news page.

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Druid 302M appears badly injured. Photos

This will be of great interest to Yellowstone wolf watchers, especially because of 302’s long career, and his patent courting of the Druid Pack, until he finally joined after 21M was dead.

Alan Sachanowski, who has provided so many great photos and stories about the Yellowstone wolves wrote.

Here are a couple photos of a hurt wolf #302. As I understand it, he has been AWOL from the Druids for several days (more than a week), and has been up above Slough Creek probably female trolling. He made a reappearance today near Soda Butte and looks to be badly injured. He was not putting any weight at all on his left rear leg. He was first seen on the north side of the road moving west to east. He stopped on a high ridge and lay down for about an hour and a half, occasionally howling weakly. The assumption among many was that he might be trying to get back to the Druids who where up Cache Creek. I was in the Soda Butte turnout when suddenly he decided to drop down and cross the road about 100-150 yards behind me. I was able to get just a couple quick shots with a 500mm and doubler hand held. He moved across the river and into some Aspen trees on the far side where he again lay down. He was still there when I left about four pm. You can see in the photos that he is dragging his left rear leg.

See photos:

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