Don’t Let Them Shoot McNeil River Brown Bears

I’m surprised that even Alaska would allow this to happen, if only for economic reasons, but they have elected a reactionary new governor, and the Alaska Board of Game has never been enlightened.

This will probably attract the same kind of shooters as those who like to shoot elk, deer behind a high fence.

YouTube video giving the details.

The story is gaining steam. This today on MSNBC. “Famous Alaska bears could become the hunted. State board wants to allow hunts near McNeil River sanctuary.”

More on Feb. 14. Rep Seaton introduced HB127 today to expand the McNeil River sanctuary to include the Kamishak Special Use Area.

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When it comes to conservation Bush is no Teddy Roosevelt says NYT

An editorial by the New York Times today exposes Bush’s pretentions as being a conservationist. T.R.?, He’s No T.R.

In fact the Bush Administration’s minions get worse and more harmful by the day.

Proposal for a giant coal-fired plant near Ely, Nevada draws protest

A giant coal-fired power plant is planned at Ely, Nevada (there is no coal in the area only clear air).

Story in the Las Vegas Sun. Coal-fired plant near Ely draws protest. By Phoebe Sweet.

Here is a story from the Billings Gazette in Montana about where the coal will come from. Wyoming coal planned for Nevada power plant. By The Associated Press

“KT” who posts to this blog was one of the first to sniff this out.

Grazing fees drop, but plan’s in the red

More on the recent drop in public land grazing fees to the minimum rate allowed by law. The federal grazing program also loses money. How can it be justified?

Grazing fees drop, but plan’s in the red. By Tony Davis. Arizona Daily Star.