Appointment of Luthi as number two in USFWS, further stacks the deck against wildlife

Ex-Speaker of Wyoming’s House of Representatives Randall Luthi has been appointed deputy director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Luthi will be second in comment to director Dale Hall, who hamstrung wildlife protection efforts in the Southwest when he was its regional director.

Former speaker Luthi tapped as Fish and Wildlife deputy. By Noelle Straub. Jackson Hole Star-Tribune Washington bureau.

Wyoming Republican luminaries praised Luthi as embodying “Wyoming values.”

JH Underground had a much less positive analysis. “Hunt for wolves.

But let Luthi speak for himself-

The real use of FS recreation access fees is exposed.

The Forest Service and other land management agencies are charging more and more access fees. They say the money is put to work for underfunded recreation programs, but it is now apparent that they actually using the money for other purposes including closing recreational facilities.


Bill Schneider exposes them in New West. Now We Know Where the RAT Goes. By Bill Schneider.

Link to the Western Slope No Fee Coalition web page

Note that the law on which this was passed by Congress without any debate.

[Section VIII was originally introduced as HR 3283. It passed the House Resources Committee by a voice vote on September 22, 2004. It was then attached as a rider to HR 4818, the Omnibus Appropriations Bill for FY2005, by Representative Ralph Regula (R-OH). HR 4818 passed the House and Senate on December 6, 2004 and was signed by the President on December 8, 2004 to become Public Law 108-447. HR 3283 was never considered by the full House and was never introduced into the Senate except as a rider on the Omnibus Bill.] . . . from the Western Slope No Fee Coalition page

Here is the entire bill

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Montana’s Schweitzer pushes for Montana parkland

Good news for public access in Western Montana.

Gov. Schweitzer pushes for parkland.  By The Associated Press in the Billings Gazette.