NREPA — Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act is dusted off.

NREPA is a grand wilderness vision and more, but had fallen on hard times in the Republican congresses.

NREPA is back, with a greater chance, now that Congress has turned greener. Its name has been changed to the “Rockies Prosperity Act.” Here is the bill’s text.

Bill Schneider at New West has a favorable review. Ending the War Over Wilderness. By Bill Schneider.

A nameless meadow in the Nameless Creek roadless area. Boise National Forest. This, among hundreds of other roadless ares, would be designated Wilderness by the Rockies Prosperity Act. Copyright Ralph Maughan

Case of echinococcus granulosus hyped by anti-wolf group.

I warned folks of the dangers of coyote, dog, fox, and wolf scat last September. Article.

Now a rare case of  echinococcus granulosus (disseminated tapeworm cysts) has shown up in an elk shot near Paradise Valley north of Yellowstone Park. An anti-wolf group is trying to make it an issue, although among canids the ratio of coyotes to wolves point to coyotes as the source of this rare, but very unpleasant, infestation.

These folks seem to have no bounds in their effects at disinformation.

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Wolf delisting rules are finally published in the Federal Register

Although many people may have belived the rules delisting the wolf were already out there for public comment, that was not the case.

The final rule for delisting in the Great Lakes was published today, as was the proposed rule for the Northern Rockies.

Here are the links. You have 60 days to comment. Don’t forget the public hearings.

Great Lakes