Bush again proposes selling off national forest lands

Time for outdoor enthusiasts to step up and slap down an Administration privatization scheme again. Fortunately Congress is now a lot more unfriendly to overt privatization schemes than a a year ago. Idaho’s Senator Larry Craig rejected the President’s latest privatization scheme today.

Story in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Bush again proposes selling off national forest lands. By Matthew Daly.

Story in the Bozeman Chronicle. Bush budget includes increased funds for parks, but also forest land sales. By Scott McMillion Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer.

From the Huffington Post. What is it about “no” you don’t understand? [Mr. President]

From Goat, the High Country News blog. “Forest Land Sales: Will it Fly this Time?”

2 Responses to “Bush again proposes selling off national forest lands”

  1. Slow Elk Poacher Says:

    Instead of selling off lands here in the West to pay for better schools and roads for for rural folks, I think it’s a wiser choice to sell Texas back to Mexico for 20 cents an acre, if this bill doesn’t pass.

  2. Mike Says:

    You have to be kidding me.


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