Molly Ivins told how the Western Watersheds Project came to be.

Once upon a time it was the Idaho Watersheds Project. Now on the occasion of her losing battle with breast cancer, in the honor of the late Molly Ivins, here is her 1998 article as to how the Idaho Watersheds Projects was born (with colorful characterizations of Idaho politicians present and past . . . buckling your seat belt is not a government plot, Helen!)

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Is 650 wolves in Idaho a lot, or not?

There are about 650 wolves in Idaho. To hear some tell, this “incredible” number is devastating the big game herds, menacing people, and driving farmers from their lands.

“How many do you want. When will the “wolf-lovers” ever be satisfied?”

I’m a friend of the wolf, and its prey. I’m a friend of the cougar too, and its prey (which is approximately the same as the wolf’s). Likewise with the bear.

It seems odd that no one ever asks how many cougar or bears are their in Idaho? Now we have an approxmimate answer. Idaho Fish and Game indicated they estimate 20,000 black bears and 1500-2000 cougar in Idaho. Oh, and each cougar eats more than a wolf.

Sometimes there’s nothing like relative numbers, rather than absolute numbers to bring controversies into perspective. You can bet the anti-wolf crowd will do nothing to put the number of wolves into perspective. It’s up to you to do it.

The Jarbidge bull trout

Here’s a story on a variety of bull trout, restricted to the remote, but not untrammeled waters of the Idaho/Nevada border.

Magic Valley Times-News. A whole lot of bull. Extensive survey tallies unusual trout. By Matt Christensen. Times-News writer

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Open Houses scheduled on the Pocatello BLM Resource Management Plan (RMP)

This is not of great interest to many, but to those in Eastern Idaho it is. I posted the schedule of the public open houses below. I understand it is a bad plan, unless you like to see public land sold and/or overgrazed.
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Wild Bill finds it Hard to Celebrate Wolf Delisting

“It’s party time, right? Time to celebrate the amazing comeback of Canis lupus irremotus, the Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf,” from “Why it’s hard to Celebrate Wolf Delisting.”
In his latest column in New West Bill Schneider takes a close look at why this delisting stirs up division, not celebration.

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