New York Times editorial: Mixed News for Wolves

The country’s most influential newspaper has weighed in on the mixed message of the wolf delisting.  Mixed News for Wolves

Scientists Criticize White House Stance on Climate Change Findings

The Democrats have held their first of undoubtedly many oversight hearings on how the Bush Administration is, well, administering the laws. This is a basic role of Congress that was suppressed during the last 6 years of Republican congressional rule (the minority party in Congress can’t call hearings). Story in New York Times (you can google for many more accounts of what went on)

Republicans on the committee appear to also be distancing themselves from this increasing unpopular presidency.

Note: this is so odd. It is almost like the presidency was a separate government, rather than a separate part of the U.S. government.

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Utah wolves are in line to lose protection in the delisting

Technically there aren’t any wolves in Utah, although there really are probably a few in northern Utah. Nevertheless, Northern Utah was included in the Northern Rockies wolf delisting.

So was Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington. All these places would highly likely to see wolf in-migration.

I can see only one reason for this — it’s to prevent the recolonization of any adjacent Western States by wolves.

Article in the Salt Lake Tribune. Utah wolves are in line to lose protection. But technically there aren’t any. By Joe Baird

Wolves alter elk hunting in Wyoming

Story in the Caspter Star Tribune by Whitney Royster.

Note that “altering elk hunting” is not the same as reducing the number of elk. This article takes pains to stress that.

A lot of the complaint from some elk hunters is that they have to adapt to new conditions, and learning new techniques of hunting is hard and they don’t want to do that. In other words, they have no pride in being a hunter. Maybe it’s one more case of spreading mediocrity in American society.

Wyoming’g governor backs up these hard-to-change hunters, although at other times he seems to forget what he said last and again claims the elk have just about been wiped out.

Plan to delist wolves still faces obstacles

Plan to delist wolves still faces obstacles. Legal challenges could delay federal proposalto give control to Idaho and Montana by year’s end. By Rocky Barker – Idaho Statesman.

Here the story as told by Idaho’s largest newspaper

Wisconsin Ag Connection says rural groups react positively to removing wolf protections

Wisconsin Ag News Headlines. Rural Groups React Positively to Removing Wolf Protections

What an informative article. It says “rural groups” and then speaks of the Safari Club and the Bear Association. Only the Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association seems rural to me. It tells us that the wolf herd in Wisconsin is 500 animals. Wolf “herd?”

It also says “2,700 head of cattle killed by predators like wolves and coyotes.” How about separating them out? How many by wolves, how many by coyote? How many by dog, etc.

Finally, how many of the “cattle” were really calves?

In the Rockies, [whitebark] Pines Die and Bears Feel It

Here is a good article on the dieoff of whitebark pine and grizzly bears.

In the Rockies, Pines Die and Bears Feel It. New York Times. By Charles Petit.

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