Do you want to work with wild Idaho wolves this summer?

Here is a chance to work with the Nez Perce Tribe’s Gray Wolf Project for the summer. It’s is very physical work, and if you have college work in wildlife biology and capturing and immobilizing animals, that will be a real plus for your application. And, no they don’t tell you need to be prepared to be eaten by wolves. Before I editorialize too much, here is the job annoucement.

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Warnings of global warming. Al Gore brings his take on climate change to Boise today

This article in the Idaho Statesman by Rocky Barker is about Al Gore speaking to huge crowd in Boise today juxtaposed with weather events in Idaho over the last ten years and the views of some Idaho politicians.

Al Gore brings his take on climate change to Boise today. By Rocky Barker.

Related. CEOs ask Bush to back climate protection. By H. Josef Hebert. Associated Press Writer. Support for trying to do something about climate change is reaching new highs with mainstream business starting to get alarmed. There are rumors President Bush will propose some real moves in that direction in his State of the Union address, if only to try to save his failing presidency.