Fire When Ready. Otter’s anti-wolf rhetoric grabs headlines, muddies debate

Here is yet another news article about Governor Otter’s comments.

It is from the latest Boise Weekly, and written by Shea Andersen. Fire When Ready. Otter’s anti-wolf rhetoric grabs headlines, muddies debate.

Did anyone see an editorial in any on-line newspaper favoring what the governor said? I don’t want to give a misleading impression of editorial comments, so please email me if you know of one.

Proposed British Columbia coal mine (the Cline Mine) of great concern to Montana

A giant open pit coal mine is proposed in British Columbia just north of Montana close to Glacier National Park. I have linked to articles about this proposal for years, but now the reality of the mine is much more solid. The coal would be shipped to China.

There are already similiar mines to the north in the Elk River Basin (a stream that does not drain directly into the United States).
State to seek federal intervention on Canadian coal mine. By Michael Jamison, Missoulian.

I discovered there is a blog, written by folks who live near the North Fork of the Flathead River, that gives a lot of information about the “Cline Mine.” See North Fork Preservation Association blog.

Here is a web site with maps and photos. Cline Mine in a Nutshell.

Update. Jan. 20. Here is a photo of what to expect. It is of Coal Mountain in the Flathead Range of the Rockies (British Columbia). This longstanding coal mine is 10-15 miles north of the proposed Cline Mine. It drains into a different river basin.

Buffalo Field Campaign. News from the Field. Jan. 18.

Montana is continuing with its phony bison hunt. That’s the hunting season for bison in a state that allows no bison. If some wander outside of Yellowstone Park, a hunter with a permit gets a chance. Otherwise, the state just collects money and provides no ground for the bison to live even though plenty of ground is available.

Here is the latest news from the field by the Buffalo Field campaign. They are opposing the hunt with the slogan. “no habitat, no hunt.”

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