Saskatchewan and Alberta are seeing more chronic wasting disease

Officials in both provinces report that some of these cases are located in new areas – a finding that suggests that the disease may be spreading or that animals with CWD are on the move.

This story is from CP by John Cotter.

Deer in other provinces tested negative. Officials are afraid it might spread to caribou. It infects all species of North American deer, elk and moose. It kind of an ultimate nightmare which I why I keep pounding on Wyoming and the menace of its wildlife policies. The worst infections are the Eastern Wyoming and along the Front in Colorado.

Chronic wasting disease is caused by a malformed protein, called a prion, which causes other proteins to fold incorrectly too. The result is many holes the the brains of those infected. Scientifically this class of diseases is called spongiform encephalopathies.

Chronic wasting disease, unlike mad cow disease, is directly transmissible from animal to animal, one reason why crowding cervids on winter feedlots is thought by many to be especially dangerous.

Bridger-Teton National Forest has draft travel plan

With powerful off-road vehicles able to rip and tear almost anywhere, the establishment of a national forest’s travel plan has become a critical matter, especially when it is a forest like the Bridger-Teton, contained some of the best scenery and wildlife in America. The travel plan for the “Teton” portion of the Bridger-Teton is moving along with on-line public comments due Feb. 5, 2007.

Forest Service web page showing the plan.

The Casper Star Tribune has an article on it today. Bridger-Teton sets Travel Plan. By Whitney Royster, Tribune environmental reporter Monday

I did post a story on this a couple months ago, when the travel plan was in what Forest Service calls “the scoping stage”.

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