Can Wyoming have it both ways with wolves?

The Wyoming Department of Tourism has been running frequent newspaper ads “Winter really is a Wonderland in Wyoming.” The top of the ad shows 2 howling wolves. Meanwhile, of course, Wyoming government is trying to get permission to kill as many wolves as possible with the intent of pretty much restricting them in a prison for nature at Yellowstone Park.

I couldn’t find wolf photos as a “come-on” at their official web site at, but the ad has been running in my hometown newspaper (Pocatello, ID) for a couple weeks.

Those who want to see wolves in the winter don’t need to drop a dime in Wyoming. Stay at Gardiner, Montana or Cooke City, Montana, and drive into wintertime Yellowstone National Park each day. Sightings are almost guaranteed when you find the hardy band of wolf watchers near the road. In the summer (maybe in the winter), you can rent a powerful wildlife spotting scope for about $20 a day at Cooke City (and maybe elsewhere by now). We rented one at Cooke City last summer.

I should add that if you want to take a snowmobile or snowcoach to the Park, you don’t have to give Wyoming a dime either. You can rent a snowmobile and guide at West Yellowstone or a snowcoach (becoming more and more popular). Expert snowcoach and other tours can also be set up in Livingston or Bozeman, Montana.

Selenium contamination causes big decline in Yellowstone cutthroat trout in Idaho/Wyoming border streams

BOISE, Idaho — Two of the West’s largest remaining populations of Yellowstone cutthroat trout face sharp declines due to contamination from phosphate mines in southeast Idaho, Idaho State University professors say.

Read the rest of this AP story by Keith Ridler.

Note one correction in the story. . . it is the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, not the Greater Yellowstone Alliance

More . . . (GYC web site)

Greater Yellowstone Coalition says Let Jackson Hole bison spread out

There are too many bison in Jackson Hole, and the rate of infection with brucellosis is far higher than the much persecuted (by Montana) bison of Yellowstone Park. The problem is the winter feeding of the bison at the National Elk Refuge. The presence of the bison only complicates the already grave problem of feeding the elk. Now the Greater Yellowstone Coalition’s Jackson Representative is proposing change.

Let the Bison Spread out  By Whitney Royster. Casper Star Tribune.

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Tickets to Al Gore’s speech in Boise are seriously sold out-

In terms of turnout for a speech of this nature, this is incredible in Idaho.

Inconvenient in Boise. Ridenbaugh Press. Randy Stapilus.