Wild Bill says “Idaho doesn’t deserve delisting”

Bill Schneider at New West has been a proponent of careful delisting of the wolf in the northern rockies, but Idaho’s new Governor Otter’s recent actions and the continuing 19th century thinking of Wyoming’s political leaders have led him to write Idaho doesn’t deserve delisting.

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Howls and prints indicate return of wolves to Washington State

“Although there’s no evidence a wolf pack is living in the state [the state of Washington], experts say it’s just a matter of time. To prepare for the return, the state has formed a panel of 18 hunters, ranchers, environmentalists and biologists to help write a wolf management plan.” Rest of the story in the Times-News.

Nevertheless, wolf prints are now being seen frequently in NE Washington, and howling is heard.

The Wolf Recovery Foundation is pleased to announce that Kim Holt, a member of our Board of Directors, was appointed to the new Washington state wolf panel.