Scientists: Wolves not decimating elk herds

Scientists: Wolves not decimating elk herds. Conservationists fear effects of wolf hunting season. By Steve Benson. Idaho Mountain Express Staff Writer.

This is a story about a news conference yesterday featuring two wildlife biologists, Suzanne Stone of Defenders and myself. We put it together to counter the anti-wolf rally slated for Boise. It was held just before the anti-wolf rally.

The Idaho Mountain Express also published this guest editorial. Wolves should not be scapegoat of the West. Wolves deserve protection, respect.

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  1. Rob Edward Says:


    Are the data on this public (i.e. published/peer reviewed)?

  2. Ralph Maughan Says:

    They didn’t present articles at the news conference, but the Atkenson’s various studies at Big Creek have appeared in peer reviewed journals.

    I have also seen their presentations of data and photos at the North American wolf conference several times.

    Dr. Peek has many peer reviewed articles. He is retired now. I haven’t read his articles.

  3. Ralph Maughan Says:

    Here are some photos from the Taylor Ranch field station 20 miles inside the Frank Church Wilderness. That’s were the Atkensons are doing their research.

    From this web site I pulled out this research paper- Akenson, J. J., H. A. Akenson, and H. Quigley. 2005. Effects of wolf reintroduction on a cougar population in the central Idaho wilderness. Proceedings of the Eighth Mountain Lion Workshop 8:177-187.

  4. kt Says:

    Ralph, In looking at your photos, and mention of the U of I researching, I remembered something about the Hornocker Institute a few years back proposing to locate at Boise State, and being turned down. Do you know what went on there? Were there ploitics about predators involved?

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