Neutralovian: Language of the Idaho Legislature

This funny and involves wildlife.  Neutralovian: Language of the Idaho Legislature. By Jill Kuraitis. New West

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Chief forester resigns. First woman to head US Forest Service appointed.

Northern Region’s Kimbell to Replace Bosworth as Forest Service Chief. Headwaters News as republished in New West.

I’m not sure what this means. A new chief forester can mean a new direction, but not usually unless the Administration changes (as it did from the “Bush the Greater” to Clinton in 1993, and then again in 2001 from Clinton to “Bush the lesser).” There was a sea change at these periods.

Posted new story on this appointment Jan. 13. Missoulian to become 1st female forest chief. Kimbell replaces another Montanan as Forest Service head. By Noelle Straub. Billings Gazette Washington Bureau.

As one post indicated (backed up by this story), Kimbell is an advocate of access fees. In the story above Democratic Senator Max Baucus of Montana said,

“While I’m pleased a Montanan has been picked for this important job, I’m concerned about Gail’s willingness to charge additional fees to access public lands,” Baucus said in a statement. “That’s a wrong approach. I hope she backs away from plans that would limit Montanans’ access to public lands for hunting, fishing and recreation.”

Jan. 13. Randy Stapilus, an astute political observer of Pacific Northwest Politics has further comments on Kimbell. “Into the fire.

Jan. 15. Over at Demarcated Landscapes there is more news on Kimbell, More news emerging on new Forest Service Chief” (and it doesn’t look good)

Scientists: Wolves not decimating elk herds

Scientists: Wolves not decimating elk herds. Conservationists fear effects of wolf hunting season. By Steve Benson. Idaho Mountain Express Staff Writer.

This is a story about a news conference yesterday featuring two wildlife biologists, Suzanne Stone of Defenders and myself. We put it together to counter the anti-wolf rally slated for Boise. It was held just before the anti-wolf rally.

The Idaho Mountain Express also published this guest editorial. Wolves should not be scapegoat of the West. Wolves deserve protection, respect.

Otter hopes to be among first to hunt the predator as it is removed from endangered list