Idaho’s new governor wants 5/6 of the Idaho wolves killed!

It am posting the story as it appeared in the Central Florida News (not an Idaho news source) because it illustrates a point that he may not understand — you can’t thumb your nose at the country like you could 20 years ago. The Internet has made it different.

Idaho Governor Calls for Gray Wolf Kill. Channel 13, Central Florida News.

Note that governor Butch Otter is new. He just took office. As a congressman from Idaho’s first district he proposed selling off 15% of the public lands of the United States to pay for Hurricane Katrina damage. Hunters really need to think hard about that.

It is also important to note the Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife-Idaho is just one interest group, and their views are those of an unknown number of Idaho hunters. That’s one reason why I posted the link from the extremist religious group in support of SFW anti-wolf rally today. It is an indication that their views attract a far out section of the population.

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