Oil and Gas Boom Raises Air Pollution Fears in West

This is from David Frey writing in New West. “Oil and Gas Boom Raises Air Pollution Fears in West.

However, it is not just oil and gas, it is also coal-fired power plants.

There is really only one area left in the West where visibility is virtually unimpaired from human impacts. That is Northern Nevada, extreme SW Idaho, and extreme SE Oregon. Guess what is being proposed for Northern Nevada? How convenient. The pollution that doesn’t stay in Nevada will blow over to Utah and SE Idaho.

Here is the info in the a recent BLM newsletter for Nevada. “Energy Development in Eastern Nevada.

New photo of the Agates

Mark Miller, photographer in Gardiner, Montana, sent me a new photo of the Agate Creek Pack in the Lamar Valley. The one I posted recently had some cropping problems (on my end). Hopefully, this one is better.

Alpha Wolf 113M is the large gray wolf on the left side in front of a black wolf. Wolf 472F leads in the photo.

This is a very difficult kind of photo to get because it requires standing in the cold for a long time, and then composing quickly and snap the image.


Photo by Mark Miller. www.markmillerphotos.com