The real economy of Custer and Lemhi counties, Idaho

Lemhi and Custer counties are two large sparsely populated counties in central Idaho. Many of the posts to this blog are about events that happen there.

Politicians often like to argue that the folks there are some kind of “real Idaho” — loggers, miners, grazers. There is hardly anyone more strident in this position than one of the state representatives from Challis, Idaho, Lenore Hardy Barrett (district 35). The area has such a low population that she represents not just Custer and Lemhi counties, but Clark, Jefferson, Butte, and part of Fremont County too.

Louise Wagenknecht lives in Barrett’s district, in the small and remote town of Leadore, pronounced LEAD ORE, like the mineral.

Wagenknecht is an author. She and her husband also raise goats and sheep at Leadore. She just wrote an incredible piece for the Idaho Falls Post Register and for this blog. It may well be she demolishes almost all of the myths spun by Rep. Barrett and her kind . . . Ralph Maughan

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Colorado fears blizzard may kill thousands of cattle.

This is just in from the Denver Post.

Effort to save cattle begins. By Steven K. Paulson. The Associated PressIn October 1997 a Colorado blizzard killed 26,000 head of cattle. It cost the owners over $28 million dollars. I said at the time, it would be a one week story. It was. Now something similiar may, unfortunately, be underway. It too will be a short story despite the immense cost.

That brings us back to wolves. I bet the death of 30 cattle by wolves will generate more media attention.

Everyone should use this story and the story of 1997 when some politician starts talking about how ranchers can’t bear the enormous toll of wolves.

Update Jan. 3. The new estimate is that 340,000 !! cattle are threatened by this blizzard.

Latest update. Bailing out trapped herds. Ranchers, Guard rush food to snowbound livestock in S.E. Colorado. State agriculture officials worry the toll may outpace the blizzard of 1997, in which 30,000 animals were lost. By Erin Emery. Denver Post Staff Writer

More on the listing of the polar bear as “threatened”

The Idaho Statesman has made a good compilation of recent newspaper editorials about the listing of the polar bear — the addition of the polar bear to the endangered species list.

Story: Other Views: Polar bears and global warming. Idaho Statesman.

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