Energy/Ag Alliance In Wyoming Fractures Over Eminent Domain

The power to condemn private property in the public interest (with just compensation, of course) is a fundamental power of government.

Some states, including especially Wyoming, have actually allowed this fundamental power to be exercised by private entities, organizations that may very well not have the interest of the citizens of the state in mind.

Anger is growing is the state’s land and water is being torn asunder, and there might be fireworks in the new legislature.

Read Brodie Farquhar’s “Energy/Ag Alliance Fractures over Eminent Domain.” New West.

Addition on Jan. 2.

Some people may wonder what does this have to do with Wyoming Wildlife? The answer is “plenty”. The prevention of this battle, this alliance from breaking up, this war from breaking out, is why they try to divert sportsmen and ranchers in Wyoming onto the subject of wolves. The outcome means billions of dollars of gains for some and losses for others. That’s why is it nice to have people talking about the loss of a couple hundred thousands of dollars of livestock lost to wolves.

Like Barnum said, “there’s a sucker born everyday.” At least many Wyoming politicians believe that.

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