Muzzle wolf official?

It looks like Mitch King, regional director for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is trying to undo a bit of damage he did recently because it certainly sounded like they were trying to muzzle Ed Bangs as the Service was trying to work out a deal with Wyoming, and a Wyoming state representative was telling them to shut Bangs up. The earlier article reported  the kind of quotes that just might get a federal judge’s attention should there be a lawsuit.

Here is the latest as written by Whitney Royster of the Casper Star Tribune. Muzzle wolf official?

Here is the earlier story. “Let the Public be Part of the Wolf Talks

Regulations Fence Out Successful [Mexican] Wolf Reintroduction

The Center for Biological Diversity filed suit Dec. 14 to compel the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to implement reforms to the Mexican gray wolf reintroduction program that a scientific panel had urged back in June 2001.

This was a wolf restoration program that was designed in a way that it could not possibly succeed. Imagine the Northern Rockies wolf restoration if the wolves had been confined to the boundaries of Yellowstone Park, and a Yellowstone Park with fewer elk, and full of cows managed by indolent ranchers.

Here is the story on the lawsuit by Michael J. Robinson of Center for Biological Diversity.

A successful lawsuit will help, but the parameters for this program are incompatible with recovery. There will never be but a token population of Mexican wolves unless fundamental changes are made.

Kathleen Clarke, head of the BLM has resigned.

As ePluribus Media says “There’s got to be more to this story.

We see the head of the largest of the national lands systems resign, and there’s just a tiny story on a slow media day, heading into New Year’s weekend.

Clarke was in the dig-it-up, tear-it-up-mould of Gale Norton; and like Norton, left a whiff of corruption.

Added Dec. 29 from the Salt Lake Tribune (Clarke was from Utah).BLM’s top job: Utahn is out after 4 years. Praised for effectiveness, Clarke also was called too pro-industry.” By Joe Baird. And here is the AP/Casper Star Tribune story.BLM Chief Resigns.” She got praise from one of Wyoming’s most obnoxious livestock politicians . . . “Jim Magagna, executive vice president of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, said Clarke “has been a great friend of the public land livestock industry.” “She’s been very accessible to us,” he said. “She has been a staunch defender of keeping responsible livestock grazing on BLM land.”

“Responsible” to Magagna and his anti-wildlife buddies, I suppose.

Added on January 3, 2007. Conservation Group Questions BLM Leader’s Legacy. KCPW News.

Gale Norton will join Royal Dutch Shell

Is anyone surprised?

Story: Norton will join Royal Dutch Shell.
The former Interior secretary has taken a job in Colorado as a general counsel in the unit working to recover oil from shale.
By Steve McMillan
Denver Post Staff Writer

Here is Todd Wilkinson’s take on it in New West. Former Bush Interior Secretary Takes Job As Attorney For Shell.

She’s BAAAACK from Goat, the High Country News blog.