Feds want more WY gas wells even as deer decline

I posted this article as part of a comment yesterday, but it deserves its own post. The natural gas industry is the major threat to elk and deer in Wyoming (and, of course, chronic wasting disease). I have always thought the state’s anti-wolf rhetoric was mostly designed to divert attention away from the industialization of much of the state’s ungulate winter range.

Jackson Hole News and Guide.  “Feds want more wells even as deer decline. BLM eyes increase in drilling as study links Snow King deer to Sublette County habitat.” By Cory Hatch. Jackson Hole News and Guide.

Wild Bill writes about “the most pro-wolf state of them all.

Wyoming, he says, although he is making a larger point.

The most pro-wolf state of them. Bill Schneider. New West.

My guess is that the delisting is really the courtesy of Dirk Kempthorne, former governor of Idaho, now Secretary of Interior; and I suspect that Wyoming never really thought they would get their wolf extermination, state wolf plan approved until it suddenly fell into their hands.

Idaho Statesman editorial worries about wolves under Idaho’s governor-elect

Idaho’s largest newspaper has this editorial this morning.

Our View: Otter should tone down wolf rhetoric. Idaho Statesman.

Note added on January 14, 2007. Although the link above has expired, it turns out that the Statesman was absolutely correct in its worries.