Federal Biologist Faces Firing For Emailing Environmentalists

This is a story from PEER (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility). It looks like it may be another case of Bush Administration’s illegal politicization of the executive branch bureaucracy. Numerous laws have been passed over the years to make the non-appointed public employee immune from partisan poltical pressure and retaliation.

Federal Biologist Faces Firing For Emailing Environmentalists.

Fortunately the new House majority back in Washington is gearing up numerous investigations of possible wrongdoings in the past six years. Justice may be on its way.

Ending endangered species protection for wolves could give hunters a shot at predators by 2008

“Idahoans could be hunting wolves within 12 months, when Gov. Jim Risch and state wildlife officials take over managing the state’s wolves as federal officials proposed Tuesday.” This article is in the Idaho Statesman today. It’s by Rocky Barker and Roger Phillips.