House Resources Committe to become the Natural Resources Committee.

In the old days, it was the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs.” The Democrats eventually changed it to the House Natural Resources Committee, but the Republicans changed it to just Resources Committee.” Now the Democrats will put “natural” back in the title.

Much more important is the sea change in personnel holding power and the policies that are likely to pursue. It is much more than Pombo being gone.

ePluribus Media reports on the good news (note: there are crossposts to and from several blogs).

House Natural Resources returns.

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Related news from the Las Vegas Sun. Mining laws dating to 1872 may be in for big changes. By Lisa Mascaro. Note that the new Democratic Leader (Majority Leader of the US Senate) Harry Reid of Nevada is a big champion of the mining industry. Nevada’s open pit gold mines are badly polluting Idaho and Utah with toxic mercury that is carried by the weather from the pits.

Montana guv not convinced mine won’t drain scenic lakes

Just when it looked like the long fight (20 years) over the Rock Creek mine under the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness in NW Montana (grizzly bear habitat) would finally end with the mines’ approval, Governor Brian Schweitzer stepped in. He said Montana will not issue a permit for the mines unless they can prove the underground workings will not drain the alpine lakes above in the designated Wilderness.

Story in SL Tribune. AP

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EPCA II and what you can do about it (from another blog)

The BLM has released a new inventory of oil and gas resources on 99 million acres of public lands of the West. It is a deceitful report, and the report will be a major weapon the oil and gas industry is going to use to turn the West into an industrial wasteland.

Anyone who spends time in the big open country of Utah, Wyoming or New Mexico knows this report is a bald lie, but how did they do it?

I had meant to write about this deceptive report, but fortunately I found another blog has done an excellent job.

EPCA II and what you can do about it. From Unbossed.

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