[Idaho] Sportsman For Fish & Wildlife To Announce Petition Drive To Delist Wolves

For Immediate Release
Contact: Nate Helm, 208-899-3122 December 6, 2006

Media Advisory


(Boise) Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife – Idaho will hold a press conference Thursday, December 7th at 1:30pm to announce the details of a petition drive to delist wolves protected under the Endangered Species Act in the Gold Room on the 4th Floor of the Idaho Capitol Building.

Marv Hagedorn, Vice Chairman of the group, will announce the petition drive details. Governor Jim Risch, the Idaho Congressional Delegation and members of the Idaho Legislature have been invited to comment.

For more information, contact Nate Helm at 208-899-3122 or nhelm@spro.net.


Close Wolf Encounters; Brushes Between Kids and Lobos Leave Parents Fearful

This time it’s from the Southwest. Wolves circle some people and they decide the wolves were about to attack. As the recent postings on the Yellowstone photographers, the bow hunter who said he was trapped in his tent, and the several cases of wolves “following people” in the last year in Idaho, what is being reported is not wolf behavior so much as how people perceive wolf behavior. That perception depends on their level of knowledge and the culture they are from.

Story on the fearful parents, etc. Albuquerque Journal. Note that the link has expired. . . .  webmaster

House blocks Southern Utah lands bill

 Perhaps the worst of the crop of “wilderness with side payment” bills is dead, although this one is a more straight forward development and privatization bill with a thin veneer of wilderness.

I won’t give the details because they have been hashed out earlier in this blog.

US House blocks Washington County [Utah] lands bill. By Robert Gehrke. Salt Lake Tribune.

. . . and the next day, reaction. Local leaders react to shelved bills. By Scott David Johnson. The Spectrum. This is reaction to the failed land bill, and the recognition that it needed some element of real protection in it. The rest of the article is about the failure of Utah to get a 4th House seat, a deal which would give the District of Columbia a seat too, temporarily raising the size of the House of Representatives from 435 to 457.

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Jackson Hole residents strongly oppose drilling, ORVs in critical wildlife habitat at Bridger-Teton forest plan meeting

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Tougher odds next time? (commentary about CIEDRA).

Randy Stapilus is a keen observer of Idaho and Pacific Northwest politics. His blog has a view on the prospects for CIEDRA in the next Congress.

Tougher odds next time? Ridenbaugh Press

It should be noted that it was Idaho’s Senator Larry Craig who ended up killing the bill, as I predicted he would some time ago. There will be incredible pressure on conservation groups who have gone along with CIEDRA this year, as it has gotten worse, to demand more next year. Larry Craig will never support any wilderness bill anyway, so why cater to him?

As for Idaho’s new congressman, Bill Sali? He won’t be a player. He will be a joke, out there embarrassing Idaho.

Grace at Carrizo Plain?

Here is an interesting post on the Western Watersheds Project blog.

Grace at Carrizo Plain?

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