Wolves In and Around Yellowstone (course Feb. 1-4, 2007)

Wolves In and Around Yellowstone
Start: February 1 at 7 p.m.
End: February 4 at 4 p.m.
Location: Gardiner, Montana
Instructors: Nathan Varley, Ph.D. Candidate & Linda Thurston, M.S.
Limit: 19
Credit Pending

The wolves in Yellowstone annually attract thousands of visitors hoping to see and hear these top predators. Are wolves as welcomed beyond the park’s borders? Find out by contrasting the major social, economic, and management issues encountered on different landscapes with different management agencies. You’ll observe wolves inside the park while discussing research and ecology, and you’ll meet local people- such as ranchers and outfitters– whose livelihoods are affected by wolves. Explore this challenging topic with instructors who work inside and outside the park with wolves and the people they affect. Be prepared with very warm boots and clothing for extended periods outdoors on cold winter days.

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Voters put ‘conserve’ back in conservative

Voters put ‘conserve’ back in conservative. By Blaine Harden. The Washington Post.

There has been a lot of this happy talk lately. I hope it’s true, but certainly haven’t seen anything in the agencies or on the ground to indicate that anything has changed except that the Western outdoors is being destroyed at an increasing rate by the energy companies, sub-divisions, overgrazing, lawless all terrain vehicles.

They are still feeding wintering elk in Wyoming, and as a result, chronic wasting disease keeps marching across the landscape. Montana won’t let bison leave Yellowstone. Despite blistering editorials to tear down the dams, the salmon killing, pork-barrel dams on the lower Snake River in Washington State still keep decimating the salmon that struggle back to Idaho. The national parks are underfunded, the national forests are unfunded, and every where you turn there are fees now.
The grizzly bear is being delisted and the states are talking about new ways to kill the great bear. Snowmobiles will be let back into the range of the endangered woodland caribou (pop. 20) of northern Idaho. The desert aquifers of Nevada, 2/3 the way to the Idaho border, are being mined to fuel endless growth of Las Vegas.

A few really awful new things, like privatizing the public lands in its most blatant form, have been killed.

There is a lot of talk about the new “consensus groups,” which so far have resulted in proposals for a little bit of wilderness designation of lands here and there, but these lands are already wilderness in fact, if not by law. In return the “consensus” will spawn new development, lucrative buyouts of ranchers, and photos for politicians.

Wolves retain protected status in Europe

Switzerland has a population of 3 or 4 wolves and apparently wanted a “hunting season.”

European Commission refuses to downgrade wolf protected status in Europe. WWF newsroom. This article appears in a number of other places too.

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