2-decade effort has kept the black-footed ferret alive

The black-footed ferret, which preys exclusively on prairie dogs, was thought perhaps to be extinct 25 years ago when it was rediscovered living on a large ranch west of Meeteetse, Wyoming.

The result of this discovery has been a shaky recovery of the species. The article below tells the story.

Story in the Billings Gazette. By Ruffin Prevost. 

Sundles said to plead guilty of trying to poison wolves with poison meatballs

Tim Sundles from the Salmon, Idaho area will plead guilty next week to spreading poison meatballs on the Salmon-Challis

National Forest in an effort to illegally poison wolves. Back in 2004 a number of poison meatballs turned up and dogs were killed or sickened..

Story in Reuters.

Added on Dec. 6. There is more on Sundles in High Country News blog. “Wannabe Wolf Poisoner Confesses.” The blog points out that there were many attempts at wolf poisoning that winter, not just around Salmon, Idaho, but also (especially so) in NW Wyoming.