WyDOT, others try new ways to reduce roadkill

Teton County and other NW Wyoming areas have a tremendous problem with vehicles hitting wildlife and even vice versa, and a lot of it is larger than deer. The article below says “256 elk, moose and mule deer have been killed on roads. In addition, nine bison and one black bear were killed by cars.”

New measures are being tried such as lighted warning bulletins on the roadside and sensing devicies. One problem with the latter is false positives–a warning when no wildlife are at the roadside.

Article by Whitney Royster in the Casper Star Tribune.

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  1. Mike Post Says:

    Moffat County in NW Colorado intiated a “night time” speed limit that was 10 mph lower than the day time limit and significantly (but not dramatically) lowered their road kill stats.

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