Idaho F&G to investigate wolf sightings in Craig Mountain area (near Oregon border)

This brief news item has been in the Idaho media, only they give it the vague headline “F&G to investigate North Idaho wolf sightings,” which would not be news at all.

Craig Mountain is at the lower end of Hells Canyon and right on the Oregon border. A student showed me some data about a year ago indicating the area at or near Craig Mountain has the greatest biodiversity in Idaho (in part due to the large elevation differences).

And this would be an ungulate rich, wolf crossing area into Oregon! They could cross the Snake River (the state boundary) and move right on up the Grande Rhone River, an elk and deer, backcountry highway right into NE Oregon.

I created this from Google Earth to show the proximity. The view is to the south.

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Wyoming G&F chief: Wolves threaten hunting (for sure, or well maybe not right now)

The article is in today’s Jackson Hole Star-Tribune.

The Game and Fish Commission had a big meeting in Sundance, Wyoming, Thursday and they commanded all the wolf biologists to attend.

Read the first three paragraphs of the story about the meeting. In them “G&F Chief” Terry Cleveland contradicts himself three times.

P1. He says so far things are well. “Wolves have a taste for elk in the greater Yellowstone region, which has worked out well for both species — for the time being.”

P2. If Wyoming Game and Fish doesn’t get it away, things might not turn out well. “However, if there’s no resolution to the state’s dispute with the federal government over removing the animal from protection under the Endangered Species Act, the wolf’s taste for elk may diminish hunting opportunities, according to Wyoming Game and Fish Department Director Terry Cleveland.”

P3. If WY doesn’t get its way things definitely will not turn out well. “Let there be no doubt: If we don’t get wolves delisted, the elk hunting opportunity in this state is going to decline,” Cleveland said.”

Glacier Park officials feel fortunate

The headline is ironic, given the masssive damage the recent storms did to the facilities of the Park.

Glacier Park officials feel fortunate,” by Michael Jamison. Missoulian.

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