BLM trying to sell off public lands again.

After being repeatedly slapped down by folks all across the political spectrum, the BLM, at least in Wyoming, hasn’t learned that Americans love their public lands, and they don’t want them sold off.

This latest proposal is in eastern Wyoming. The media picked up the story a few days ago. At first it seemed like a minor sale of some isolated small parcels, but it keeps getting bigger.

Of course, this plan didn’t really originate in the Wyoming BLM office. You can trace it back to the Bush Administration. They may believe with all the scandals in the news, the public’s attention is diverted! They really know how make a sow’s ear into a silk purse for themselves.

Story: BLM land sale draws fire. Casper Star Tribune.

One Response to “BLM trying to sell off public lands again.”

  1. Alan Gregory Says:

    Gee. We can kiss away gazillions building Cold War-era jet fighters for the Air Force (the F-22) and new aircraft carriers (the USS George H.W. Bush is the latest) but we have to hold the equivalent of bake and garage sales (selling public land) to make ends meet in our natural resource agencies. Wow. That makes a lot of sense. This has “Bush admin” written all over it.

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