Western Watersheds Project saves giant junipers on remote Nevada Mountain from chaining

Story in Sun Valley on-line.

WWP keeps on beating the BLM. This time it was on remote Spruce Mountain of north central Nevada.

Chaining junipers is claimed to be a way of restoring grasslands where junipers have invaded and shaded out the grass. Of course, if the junipers are very large the notion of invasion is nonsense.

Besides the immediate ugliness of chaining, the end result is often not native grasses, but rather flammable cheatgrass invasion.

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Today. Oct. 23. The Elko (NV) Daily Free Press has a longer story on the TRO on Spruce Mountain.

The BLM would have us believe that the objections of WWP are simply about a species (junipers) that is excessively abundant in Nevada. However, where junipers are invading (expanding their range), the trees are small, or at least much smaller. Because ancient juniper are not some threatened species doesn’t mean they should be chained. Moreover, this isn’t solid juniper, is is also broken by sagebrush (valuable winter forage for deer) and pinyon pine.

The experience of WWP is that these projects are often also portrayed as beneficial for deer or elk, but instead they become mudholes for cattle who more than make up for any new grass that grows where the junipers and pines stood. This is especially true when a water pipeline brings the cows into an area that would otherwise see only sporadic grazing. Can you imagine a 90-mile water pipeline for Nevada grazing? Somebody must have a lot of political pull.

The BLM’s argument that they are reducing the danger of catastrophic fire is a canard, an appeal to people who have no idea how far away from any town in this nearly empty landscape Spruce Mountain is. Look at the the area on TopoZone.

Five Western Slope Spots Dubbed ‘Too Wild to Drill’

The article is talking about the West Slope of the Rockies in Colorado. However, it is not the gas industry or the BLM who thinks they are too wild to drill.

The places listed are:

– The Roan Plateau
– The Clear Fork Divide
– Grand Mesa Slopes
– Vermillion Basin
– HD Mountains

Article in New West.

Read also: “Report says 100,000 more wells coming . HDs an area Wilderness Society declares shouldn’t be drilled.” Durango Herald.

And to the south in New Mexico. Groups say keep drillers off of Otero Mesa. Alamogordo News.

If anyone wants to email me a photo of any of these places I will be happy to post it. RM


Annual Grand Teton NP elk hunt is underway

The annual “elk reduction” hunt opened Saturday. It is in a small portion of the Park and the National Elk Refuge, and has always been very popular. It’s also controversial because it is a national park and the elk are migrating, mostly in the open, to their winter range on the Refuge.

All issues regarding winter feeding of Wyoming elk have become increasingly controversial in recent years.

Article in the Jackson Hole Daily by Angus M. Thuermer Jr.