Saturday photo: Portneuf River at Pocatello

I decided to take some photos today rather than post to the blog. Here is the Portneuf River today at Edson Fichter Park on the south outskirts of Pocatello (SE Idaho).

Photo copyright Ralph Maughan. Portneuf River at Pocatello. Bannock Mountain Range in the distance.

One Response to “Saturday photo: Portneuf River at Pocatello”

  1. Farid Rushdi Says:

    You were a tremendous photographer when I managed Inkley’s a decade ago, and you still are today. I probably processed 50,000 images from ’90-’97, and yours (and one others) were far and away the best of the best. I’m glad to see you have a venue that displays your craft so well.

    Best Wishes,
    Farid Rushdi

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