Anatomy of a Wolf Attack

Anatomy of a Wolf Attack. To retaliate or not to retaliate? The question makes bedfellows of traditional foes. By Carissa Wolf. The Boise Weekly.

This is a very long and thoughtful discussion over the growing effort in Idaho (certainly not Wyoming) between wolf advocates and livestock growers, trying to prevent wolf attacks on livestock and wolf killing by the government — prevention not retaliation.

The Lava Lake Land and Livestock Company certainly deserves kudos, and business.

Tracks of the Buffalo Ridge Pack in the drained steelhead pond (mentioned in the article above). Photo by Ralph Maughan. May 2006. Note the Buffalo Ridge wolf pack was wiped out by Wildlife Services after minor depredations on newly born calves that were put on a pasture with a well known reputation as being in the winter territory of the Buffalo Ridge and previous packs (who were shot too for the same thing) . . . a historical failure of livestock operators to learn.

Tracking the Spirit Bear, the white bear that’s really black

This is about the Kermode bear of the central British Columbia coast and coastal islands. It is a black bear that carries a gene that makes a percentage of its numbers cream colored (not actually white). It is not an albino.

The uniqueness of the bear has helped build conservation efforts to restrain British Columbia’s normally unrestrained timber industry and to create a large reserve, which in principle, may keep the area fairly undamaged and conserve the bear, and more importantly the rain forest.


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